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All access for $30 a month

This is the first step in holding yourself accountable to your own goals and dreams.

All access for one low price

Maverick members have access to our 8 week online "Finding Your Path" program.
The point of the "Finding Your Path" program is to do three things.

First, it is to give you space and time away from the judgment and expectation of every day life to focus solely on yourself and what exactly it is that you want to do next in life.
Second, it gives you a simple blueprint to follow week to week. By watching the videos and doing the work, at the end of the eight weeks, not only will you know what you want to do next, but you will have an in depth plan on how to get there.
Lastly, the program was created as a tool for you to hold yourself accountable to the things you truly want.
  • Access to dream Accountability network.
  • Access to green light accountability program.
  • Access to finding your path program.
  • Eligible for dream investment program, Where we invest 50% of our profits every year back into our members.
FEE: One dollar a day for three years. We charge your card $30 once a month until the three years are up.
This is one of our many accountability anchors we have created within our organization.
Every day your giving a dollar to remind yourself to do something that day that will bring you closer to the reality you truly want. If you don’t do it, you wasted the money, if you do then you move one step closer to your chosen reality.